About the C/C++ programs and Matlab scripts
1. C/C++ programs

All the C/C++ programs in this web site have been tested in a laptop computer running the Linux operating system. There should be no problems compiling and executing the programs in other unix-like environments. However, in other operating systems and computing environments, changes may be required. Permission to change the programs, for academic purposes only, is hereby granted. However, you must keep the copyright notice in the source code and indicate clearly any changes to the original programs.

Most of the simulation and analysis programs when run without any arguments will operate in one of two modes:

(1) A prompt alerting the user on the values to be input from the keyboard;
(2) If arguments are needed, the program displays a line on the proper use of the command


2. Matlab scripts

The Matlab scripts were tested in Matlab version 7.1.


It is highly recommended that you study the programs carefully, preferably after reading the BOOK. The programs are well documented and relatively easy to read. If you experience trouble compiling or executing these files, or require further assistance, send an email to: support "at" the-art-of-ecc "dot" com


This page was last updated on August 7, 2008.